Hawai’i Aina Pae Ko E Manao Io ALOHA

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Our Ageless Sacred Faith, Law & Creed

The Spirit of Alo-ha is simply the essence of the Hawai’ian Nation’s beliefs and practices. Alo-ha maintains the spiritual and temporal harmony and PEACE between all creation and their Creator ke Akua/Iehova. Alo is the Hawaiian word to lovingly meet or gather and greet.

The Ha is the breath of our Creator, God we must freely share, as it belongs to all. For example: When two Hawaiians meet by chance or assembly it is custom that they touch foreheads and breath in deeply, expressing and signifying without words – “Hello my brother or sister, my other self (Gal. 5:14; Matt. 19:19) how are you… let us share the breath and wind of the Great Spirit of Truth. What good fortune has the Creator blessed you with since we last met.”

The spirit of the law of Alo-ha is: a) Something that must be sensed, felt and shared, as opposed to the secular ‘letter of the law’ now taught as a secular science; and b) More akin to the Biblical maxims of law that better define true common law. The “Aloha Spirit” is all about right relationships… the feelings of one towards another brother or sister (Galatians 5:13-14), just as the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is about our having right relationships.

Aloha is the coordination of mind and heart, both individually and collectively…it’s within each individual – it brings you down to your spirit self. You must thing and ‘emote good feelings’ (express pono) to others.

A – stands for AKAHAI, meaning kindness, to be expressed with tenderness

L – LOKAHI, meaning unity, to be expressed with harmony

O – stands for OLU’OLU, meaning agreeable, to be expressed with pleasantness

H – stands for HA’AHA’A’, meaning humility, to be expressed without arrogance

A – stands for AHONUI, meaning steadfast, peaceful patience, to be expressed with perseverance

The Law of “ALOHA . . . Come forward, be in unity and harmony with your real self in relation to all mankind and Christ’s Kingdom as create by I AM that I AM. A – spiritual light (attaching to) LO - spiritual foundation (attaching to) HA - essence of spirit breath. Be honest, truthful, patient, kind to all forms of life and above all be humble & charitable.”

When a Hawaiian is asked, Where are you from? We say, (reading from right to left like Hebrew) Hawai’i Aina Pae Ko (Ha-wai-i Ai-na Pa-e Ko).


We the people of the breath and water/rain/Spirit of God are (ko) whole and complete (pa-e) living and responsibly caring for (in a good way) the I-lands (the ai-na) in the middle of the sea we call Hawai’i.

When asked what is our creed (Religion)? We say, (reading from right to left like Hebrew)

Hawai’i Aina Pae Ko E Manao Io


Our faith (E Ma-na-o Io) is as a people who are spiritually whole (Ko) and stand as one in responsibility and dominion in caring for in a good way all creation (Pae) located in Akua’s vineyard and plantation in our sacred Islands, our home (the aina), under authority and direction of Ha – the breath of the Spirit… wai– the water of the river and Spirit of life… and i – our God of Light.

Ko – ours, the dominion / responsibility of many to care for…

Pae – to keep whole, total, substantial, complete (temporally & spiritually)…

Aina – the land (Earth Mother)…

Ha – the breath of the Spirit and…

wai – the water of the Spirit of…. (Ka-na-wai – common Spirit-law of the aina)

i – our God of Light

Given this our sacred trust of dominion from our Creator, we were one with the aina (land), our earth mother; and treated her with Aloha.

From the plants, to the animals, to the insects, to the micro-organisms and to each other, everything we did was sacred under this position of trust. As long as we did right for earth mother, she would care for us and our daily needs. From the air we breathed and the water for our plants providing food and medicine, under the spirit of the law we were required to maintain a balance for our children and their children.

Like other Native American Nations we believe that nothing of Akua’s creation was handed down from our ancestors. Everything we have is borrowed from our children. Thus, we are caretakers of the aina and no one can own the land or sell or give away the land; for who would sell their own mother? To do otherwise would break this our sacred, solemn creed of Aloha for all creation and its imperative e ma-lama pono… the required balance of caring for and protecting the aina (our part of earth mother).

As everyone from childhood on was taught, knew and “was” the spirit of the law of Alo-ha that covered all of life’s interactions. There was no separation church and state. There was no need for soldiers or police. Even our commerce and trade laws were under our Aloha Creed. (see: Hawaiian Nation’s Principles of International Commercial Law – pg. 6).

The spirit of the law of Aloha had within it a form of “restorative justice” and reconciliation called e hooponopono – (e ho-o-pono-pono), to right a wrong, to rectify or to reconcile. For serious, life threatening infractions of the law the accused/wrongdoer could run to a place of refuge (city of refuge) for protection until justice and the law of Aloha could be restored through admissions and requests for forgiveness, which often came from both sides of the conflict.

This would also most often involve the families from both sides. This “healing” process restored the peace and the imperative e ma-lama pono… the required spirit of Alo-ha balance of caring for and protecting each other completely, properly and carefully.

To Alo-ha in Spirit is to know the mystery of the Creator’s Spirit and His creation’s dance of life… to learn what is not said, to see what cannot be seen and to know the Unknowable, so that proper balance is maintained.


Everything is sacred in everything we do; and yet, the choice is still up to you.


We were world travelers as sailors and traders; and had a written language as our medallion, found in Germany in the 1800’s proves.

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